Your pay, your way!

Azucko is a mobile App that gives you flexibility in how you obtain your pay. It’s instant access to the money you have already earned.
You can track how much you have earned each week or month and can then access a portion of this income, when suits you.

How Azucko can help you

We all live busy lives and life doesn't always wait around for payday. Sometimes it's useful or necessary to access some income before the end of the month or take your pay when suits you - rather than in one lump sum - to enable you to deal with life's everyday challenges.

Getting started is easy

  • Your employer will send you an email with all the information you need
  • Download the App from the App Store or Google Play
  • Just a few clicks to set up and verify your account

Then you're set up and ready to go.

Now you can see how much is available to draw down from the salary you've earned each month. Any salary drawn early will be in your bank account the following day. Also, use the other services to track and manage your expenses, help you manage/pay your key monthly bills, proactively save for that car or holiday, set reminders and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be an advance on my wages?

No. Azucko works by giving you access to some of the money you've already earned. You're just deciding to draw down a portion of your money before payday.

What interest will I be charged?

There's no interest charged. Azucko’s income access service is not a loan or credit facility, you're simply accessing a portion of what you have earned before your normal pay day.

Will I have a credit check done?

No. There's no need for a credit check with Azucko as this is not a loan or credit facility.

If I have been refused credit or have a bad credit rating profile, does this mean I can’t use Azucko?

No. Azucko is not a loan or credit facility, and therefore your credit rating does not impact use of the App. If your employer has joined up with Azucko and invited you to take advantage of it, you may use any and all of Azucko’s tools and services.

If I use the Azucko App could it affect my credit rating?

No. Azucko does not use credit checks. It is not a loan or a credit facility. To help you with your financial management, you can find impartial advice within the information centre on the Azucko App.

If I use the income access service on Azucko, will I be short at the end of the month?

Using Azucko’s income access service means your end of month pay will be reduced by any amount you have already accessed that month before pay day. For example, you might take €250 of your monthly take-home pay two weeks early - and that money, plus the transaction fee, will be deducted of your net pay then at the end of that month.

Is this a loan?

No. It's not a loan. You are simply accessing income you have earned, before your normal pay date. This amount will then be automatically deducted from your net wage at the end of the month.

How do I repay the money I have access early any month?

You don't repay the money. Any monies accessed by you is deducted from your net monthly pay.

Is it like a credit card?

No. There's no lending or credit involved and no interest charged.

How does Azucko
know the hours I've worked?

How does Azucko know the hours I've worked?

Azucko is fully integrated with your employer's Payroll/Time & Attendance system and therefore will be updated by your employer with your hours worked and pay earned each week.

What happens if I don’t see my last shift on the Azucko App?

Once your employer uploads the company logs to the Azucko portal, this will be reflected in the App.

If I work irregular hours how will the system know what hours I have worked?

Your employer records your hours, regardless of if they are irregular or not. The file that your employer records your hours on, is uploaded into the Azucko system, after they have been approved for payment. Once this is completed, your details will be reflected in the App.

When I have worked a shift, can I access this money straight away?

That's down to your employer's systems. Sometimes a shift is logged automatically and swiftly. Other systems involve entering manual information. Azucko can only provide your pay on approved shifts worked. That approval process is defined by your employer.

If I select to access income early on the App, when will I get this money?

Once you select an amount it will be in your bank account the following work day.

How will I know if the money has reached my bank account?

Check your account balance online or at an ATM.

Will my employer know I am using this service?

Your company Payroll team will need to see any transactions to accurately process the payroll. This doesn't mean your manager will know. The level of confidentiality is the same as that used for payroll in general.

Will my employer be able to stop me using this service?

Yes. Employers control who can and cannot use the service. As it's an added benefit for staff, employers maintain control over the service.

What if my employer does not sign up to the Azucko service, can I still use it?

No. It only works with your employer's full approval, and needs to integrate with internal payroll systems.

Can I see what money I have taken already?

Yes, the Azucko App gives you a full update each month and you also get a monthly statement emailed to you showing all transactions and history.

When can I use the App to access money?

In general, Azucko’s income access service is available Monday to Friday. However your company Payroll team needs time to process everyone's pay. In practical terms, this means that for 5 days each month, prior to your normal pay day you won't be able to access income. This is to allow for the normal payroll reconciliation process.

Why can I not access my money today?

If it's close to pay day, your Payroll team may be processing your payslip and need to finalise your deductions. If not, contact your payroll department to find out more.

How much does Azucko's services cost?

How much does it cost to download and use the App?

The App is free to download, but every time you access income early, there will be a small standard fee. This fee is fully transparent and clearly displayed before you decide to go ahead. There is also a very small fee, should you wish us to handle any of your bills or savings. Many of the other services on the Azucko App are free. There is a monthly subscription fee and this may be paid for partially or in full by your employer, this is at your employer’s discretion.

Is the App free?

Yes. The App is free to download, but every time you transact, there will be a small fee applied in order to process that transaction. This fee is displayed before you decide to go ahead.

If I am charged a fee who gets this money?

Azucko gets these fees to help cover its financing, technical systems, transaction/banking fees and operational costs, as well as the income advance service.

In the App I can see the total amount of income I can access early, does this include the transaction fee?

No. The transaction fee is charged on top of the money being withdrawn and is clearly displayed prior to draw down.

Is the amount shown on the App net or gross pay?

It's your net pay and then you can access up to 50% of this net pay early throughout the month, if required.

I have calculated what I have earned, and the App doesn’t allow me to transfer all of this. Is some of my money missing?

Azucko’s income access service displays your net or estimated net (after tax income) and then shows a percentage of this amount that you can access early throughout each month. Any money you draw down won't appear in your normal monthly pay.

Is the Bank account section fully secure?

Yes, this is a fully regulated service by the Central Bank and the link to your bank is fully secure, encrypted and confidential.

Can I pay my mortgage using the Azucko bill pay service?

Yes. You can request Azucko to pay any loan or utility you decide. Any monies used to pay these loans or bills will be automatically deducted from your wage each month.

Can I cancel, edit or add new bills whenever I want?

Yes. You are in complete control. You can cancel any bill Azucko is paying on your behalf at any stage or amend or add a new bill.

If I set up to save €100 each month, where is this money invested?

This money is simply directed by Azucko into your nominated savings account. You will be asked to add this savings account to the App, should you select to avail of the Savings Service.

The car check service, how does this work?

You input any car registration and the current mileage. You will then get a current value of this car based on the mileage entered and the industry average for such a car being sold on the market at that present time. In addition, you will also get a history report on this car which covers the critical aspects one should check and review, before buying a car.

How does this financial credit score work?

This score is generated based on your banking information and activities from the bank account section. This reflects how you manage your money and bank accounts, your level of debt and savings. It is important you check and track this going forward. The higher the score the better you are managing your personal finances and therefore the more attractive you will be to a bank or finance provider if you need a apply for a loan in the future.

See what Azucko users have to say:

“Its great piece of mind knowing I can access some of my income early in the month if I need to”

-John, Castleknock, Dublin


"I feel more financially secure now and less stressed about money thanks to Azucko"

-Mary, Raheen, Limerick


"Now being able to so easily track where I spend my money every month, has transformed my finances and me personally"

-Tommy, Casteltroy, Limerick

"The Azucko app is simply amazing, everything is so simple and easy it has made a massive difference in helping me organise my personal finances"

-Dermot, Tralee, Co. Kerry

"I am now less inclined to use my overdraft or credit card for unexpected expenses, which has saved me hundreds on interest and fees each year, with the income access option of Azucko - it's so simple but so important to me now"

-Mark, Killarney, Co. Kerry