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Welcome to the future of pay and the benefits you can now bring to your staff in enabling them better manage their personal finances. Empower your team with simple and practical tools and services on Azucko to manage unexpected expenses or bills, tight cash flow periods, track their expenses, set spending budgets, pay bills, proactively save, learn personal finance skills and more.

We recognise that the financial wellbeing of your staff is a journey. Enable your staff take the first step into the future of managing their personal finances better. Azucko is designed to support your staffs’ financial stability in the short, medium and long term.

The Benefits to your Business

  • More motivated staff (+73%) - knowing they can get paid/access money, interest free when they need it is highly motivating for many employees.
  • In simple terms, access to pay in a more flexible way - boosts job satisfaction.
  • More filled shifts - when your staff are offered additional hours, knowing they can get paid straight away is additionally motivating.
  • Improved staff retention (up to 41% in some sectors) - more frequent access to money increases loyalty.
  • Increased productivity - work places studies have repeatedly shown that staff free from short-term money worries, are significantly more productive at work.
  • Attract the best staff - Azucko can give you an advantage recruiting and retaining the best staff.
  • More income & financial options for employees - help them avoid using expensive short-term debt facilities.

Getting Started
Easy Implementation

Our system will integrate easily into your current payroll system. We guide and support your HR and Finance teams in launching and explaining this new service to your employees. Get the edge over the competition with Azucko by hiring and retaining the most loyal and productive staff.

Research has shown

  • 50% of your team worry about money which is a distraction for them at work and reduces their productivity.
  • 46% of your staff are living from payday to payday, which leads to unnecessary financial stress and pressure.
  • 18% of your team are likely to be absent from work at some stage due to financial issues/pressures.
  • 1 in 3 employees can't access €500 if they need to in an emergency situation.

You can now change all of this.

Employer Portal


Each employer has their own secure access to Azucko’s Employer Portal, giving you full control and oversight, where you import your monthly Payroll file or weekly Time & Attendance information, set limits around the income advance service, track and monitor high level usage data and control staff access to this new service.



Azucko employs the following IT & security tools;

  • Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Malware detection
  • Site monitoring
  • Daily or weekly backups

Data encrypted in transit using HTTPS (TLS >=1.2) or SFTP with 2048 bit RSA kay pairs. Data transfer using in-secure HTTP protocol is not permitted/possible. Data encrypted at rest (while in the database) uses AES-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard).

The firm uses the highest specification around security for its web based interfaces and therefore uses Microsoft Azure (Microsoft Web Services) for its Hosting, Servers and Databases. Multi-factor authentication is used to log into Microsoft Azure (Microsoft Web Services) where Personal Data is stored. Data back-up completed at least daily.

The data is transferred between the App / the Employer Portal into the firm’s database using TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. TLS is a standard that keeps the internet connection private and checks that the data sent between two systems is encrypted and unmodified. Thereby helping to ensure that any external entity trying to expose/access this information can neither read or modify the data. The App and Employer Portal are hosted on Microsoft Azure, which employs the latest and best security systems. All user passwords are salted and hashed with the script algorithm. All sensitive banking data (i.e. bank account) is further encrypted via AES256. 2FA is active, and SSO is used to cascade access across multiple services where possible.

About Prima Finance Ltd.
trading as Azucko


Prima Finance Ltd trading as Azucko is a regulated Payment Institution by the Central Bank of Ireland, where it is authorised to handle client funds and payments all across the European Union. Prima Finance/Azucko have years of experience in handling peoples’ money, fund transfers, payment of bills and assisting users to better organise and manage their personal finances.

Prima Finance/Azucko is a highly regulated Financial Institution, therefore all new users of the Azucko App must be registered and approved before they can avail of all the tools and services. This is to ensure maximum protection and security for all our App users. All new employees/Azucko users must follow a few simple onboarding steps where their photo ID and proof of address must be uploaded and verified. This verification process is done in real time and takes no more than a few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Loan?

No. It simply allows your staff access income they have already earned each month but before the scheduled pay day, if they need/want it.

Will staff need a mobile phone?

Yes. Staff generally use their own personal mobile phone to download the Azucko App and access all the tools and services.

How will this all integrate with your current payroll system?

Azucko has been designed so it integrates easily and seamlessly into your current Payroll or Time & Attendance system via an Employer Portal.

Do staff employment contracts need to be amended?

No. All staff that sign up with the Azucko App must firstly agree to our Terms of Use which explains all the services. This includes the Terms and Conditions around accessing income in advance of payday.

If a staff member is out on maternity, parental or paternity leave?

Azucko enables each employer to amend, disable or grant access to any employee at any stage through our dedicated employer portal. So, you the employer are in full control at all stages.

If a staff member leaves employment what happens?

The employer can manually disable any employee on the system.

What about employees on zero hour contracts?

You can upload the hours worked using your Time & Attendance link. Azucko’s system will then record these hours and show income earned so far this month, regardless of employment contract type.

If someone is leaving the company, how do we ensure they don’t draw down more money than they have earned?

The employer can manually disable this employee on Azuckos employer portal as part of your employee departure process.

What happens when new staff join the firm?

You can invite each new member of staff to join and avail of Azocko's services, if they wish. Once each employee fully signs up with Azucko you will see their status changed to 'active' on the employer portal. Then, once you upload the file to the Payroll or Time & Attendance system, new employees will also be able to see their earned income and how much they can access, plus avail of all other other services on Azucko.

If an employee selects to have Azucko pay their car loan or rent each month, how does this work?

This amount will be included in the file uploaded into your Payroll or Time & Attendance system and will therefore be reflected in the funds paid and handled by Azucko.

Who are Azucko?

Azucko is the trading name used for this unique and unrivalled new Financial Wellbeing service for employers and employees. Prima Finance Ltd is the legal entity behind Azucko. Prima Finance Ltd is a regulated Payment Institution by the Central Bank of Ireland, where it is authorised to handle client funds and payments all across the European Union. Prima Finance/Azucko have years of experience in handling peoples’ money, fund transfers, payment of bills and assisting users to better organise their personal finances.

How does Azucko impact on our current payroll system?

Nothing needs to change with your current Payroll or Time & Attendance system. Azucko integrates with your current payroll time lines. Any monies paid to employees by Azucko before pay day will be fully updated into your payroll system before payroll is finalised each month.

How Does it Work?

Can staff draw down their wages at any stage?

Staff can access a set and defined portion of their earned income at any stage throughout the month. You the employer set the percentage of income they can draw down, with a maximum of 50% available at any stage. In practice, staff will have access to a set and adjustable portion of their income each month. The portion/percentage of their income they can access early is controlled by you the employer.

How are the Azucko fees handled?

Azucko operates a fully transparent service. There is a small charge to the employee to access their wages early, and this charge is displayed prior to completing their request. No hidden fees or charges are applied.

This fee is deducted from the funds paid out to the employee by Azucko.

Can the employer cap or limit how much employees can access before payday?

Yes. The maximum they can draw down is 50% of what they have earned at each stage during the month. For example, in week 1 they may have earned €500 after tax, but could then only draw down a maximum of €250 that week. In week 2, they have earned €1,000 after tax, then assuming they have not drawn anything already this month, the most they could access then is €500. You the employer decide and set the percentage of income they can access up to a maximum of 50%.

How do you ensure employees do not access more money that they are entitled to?

Azucko only allows employees draw down a set and controllable percentage of their earned income each month. This percentage is set by the employer, up to a maximum of 50% of the income they have already earned that month.

How do we handle Azucko income advance transactions in the final payroll calculation?

Azucko is directly linked with your Payroll or Time & Attendance system. Therefore, all transactions and fees are uploaded by Azucko on the employer portal, and reflected in your payroll system before payroll is finalised each month.

How does it work for staff on variable pay or shift work?

Azucko enables the employer to upload your Payroll or Time & Attendance data into our system once each shift is finished. This then updates the Azucko App where each employee can instantly see what they have earned so far this month and how much they can now access, if required.

The Costs

What are the costs associated with this service?

There is a very small monthly subscription cost, to cover the various financial and system costs associated with the provision of this unique and unrivalled personal finance service. Thereafter, staff only pay a small and fully transparent fee if they access income early any month or request to have Azucko pay certain bills on their behalf.

How does Azucko enable employers provide more staff benefits and provide a comprehensive financial wellness programme for its staff?

Azucko provides a wide range of tools and services that enables staff to better manage, plan and control their income, expenses and personal finances overall. These services are available to employees after their employer agrees to facilitate the provision of these services through Azucko.

How do we stop vulnerable employees from overspending?

Azucko clearly explains and advises all employees that any money accessed early any month will be deducted from their normal pay at the end of that month. Also, the employer can set and control the overall limit/percentage that their employees can access, with 50% being the maximum allowed.

If employees are misusing Azucko or in particular the early income access service, can we turn it off?

Yes. The employer remains in control at all stages and also control the percentage of employees income they can access before payday.

Setting up Azucko

How long does it take to fully implement Azucko into our business and payroll system?

The Azucko software has been designed to facilitate a quick and simple integration process with all Payroll or Time & Attendance systems via our Employer Portal.

How do we get our employees set up on Azucko?

An SMS and email is sent to each employee with a unique password and clear instructions on how to download the Azucko App, set up and register their account. Once their account is set up, they can link their bank accounts, which will trigger their budgeting and financial analytics.


Learn more about offering Azucko to your Employees

See what Azucko users have to say:

“Its great piece of mind knowing I can access some of my income early in the month if I need to”

-John, Castleknock, Dublin


"I feel more financially secure now and less stressed about money thanks to Azucko"

-Mary, Raheen, Limerick


"Now being able to so easily track where I spend my money every month, has transformed my finances and me personally"

-Tommy, Casteltroy, Limerick

"The Azucko app is simply amazing, everything is so simple and easy it has made a massive difference in helping me organise my personal finances"

-Dermot, Tralee, Co. Kerry

"I am now less inclined to use my overdraft or credit card for unexpected expenses, which has saved me hundreds on interest and fees each year, with the income access option of Azucko - it's so simple but so important to me now"

-Mark, Killarney, Co. Kerry